Healthy Bee Products

Christmas Baskets to help you Bee Happy. Bee Healthy. Bee Beautiful.

Bee happy with honey treats this holiday season. Bee healthy with honey snacks. Bee beautiful with bee cosmetics and pure beeswax candles!

Fostering health and nutrition is a way of life for us. We have answered the call for high-class and tasty products, specializing in organic quality with our BeeKing name. Bees are amazingly sustainable creatures and inspire our philosophy. Be sure to check out our healthy bee products, chosen only from the best bee producers.

Bee Happy: Honey Treats

Enjoy fabulous milk and honey candies filled with pure honey, or vitamin rich gummi bears. If you choose treats, choose healthy and tasty ones...  more






Bee Healthy: Honey Snacks

Healthy, organic, and delicious! Organic breakfast bars available in sesame, pumpkin seed, and mixed nut. All products are gluten, lactose, and cholesterol-free and not genetically modified... more





Bee Beautiful: Lindesa® Bee Cosmetics

LINDESA® is a high quality skin care product made with natural beeswax. It is now available in Canada. Try also our honey-comb soaps... more






Local Products

We are dedicated to supporting local producers.  Honey and vegetable oil are two locally produced items we currently offer.