About Us

Welcome to Golden Green! We are a highly motivated company working hard to bring you sustainable solutions and innovative ideas for your healthy lifestyle.

We come from a German beekeeping family, which is where our philosophy began. Working with bees has inspired us to explore different ways of preserving our natural resources. For example, recycling waste-water and carbon dioxide into biomass (a renewable energy source) or using the latest technology to photograph the forest with unmanned aircrafts.

For years, our family has been passionate about Canada and its untouched landscape. We have spent over 40 years connecting with Canadians and the land.

Golden Green Sustainable Resources Ltd. was established in 2006 after exploring Canada, and in 2011 we set up shop in Truro, Nova Scotia.

We strive to bring you sustainable products of the highest quality and are committed to moving ahead with new ideas that will enhance your experience with Golden Green.

Thank you, Denis Moeller.