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Bees are the most amazing animals in der world. And we are proud to work together with them for your health.

We offer great German innovative beekeeping products. We are specialized in high density polystyrene hives in different sizes, which keeps your bees warm in winter and cool in summer. Convince yourself with the advantages of the material and the innovative sizes, which help you to work with more and healthier bees through the bee year.

The greatest invention we are proud to introduce you to are our Mini Plus beehives, which are becoming increasingly popular in German and Europe. They have just the right size to start a new nuc in summer and overwinter them. Your benefit? Having healthy and strong bees in spring. That gives you a good start in the new season!

See our ad in the Hivelights beekeeping magazine of the Canadian Honey Council at page 43 of Vol 25, No 2.: