We represent several innovative German companies and provide products intended to enrich the Canadian market. Please contact us if you are interested in getting touch with any of these companies.

Anton Fries Maschienenbau GmbH

Anton Fries Maschinenbau GmbH is a modern and medium-sized engine building company. Renewable energy, high quality, and regional economic activity is the focus of their work. Having received several awards, the company is committed to producing oil presses and filters for vegetable oils.

Physioderm (LINDESA®  )

For more than 85 years the Greven family has been committed to healthy skin care. Their most successful product is their LINDESA® skin protection and skin care creams made with natural beeswax.


SCHOCK is one of the leading producers of nutrition bars in Germany and for more than 60 years has been dedicated to producing goods of high quality and taste.


Stehr GmbH stands since over 60 years for best product qualtity and innovative solutions. They are the producer of our extremely hard polystyrene Mini Mating Nucs, Mini Plus Beehives and Nuc boxes.


Swienty is an award-winning producer and supplier of beekeeping equipment from Denmark. The biggest of his kind in North Europe. We have close contact to them since many years and can offer all their products in Canada for competive prices. Find a great variety of high quality products in their English online store and contact us for prices and shipping.

Carl Fritz e.K.

Carl Fritz e.K. is a manufacturing company for beekeeper supplies. With over 130 years of experience they have perfected their steel honey extractor to be one of the best on the market. Find their 100 % stainless steel honey harvesting equipment on their website and contact us for prices and shipping.