Polystyrene hives for better beekeeping

Your bees will love their new home. They have less stress to keep it warm and dry in winter, they start earlier and faster in spring and make more surplus honey in summer.  Be ready, when the spring comes.

Paint with 2 coats of light resistant color before using. Ships unassembled, but easily assembled by hand without any tools. Accepts all standard wooden and plastic frames.

High density polystyrene:  

  • Very durable
  • Good insulation: warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Dry: Because no ventilation issues and dry waterproof walls
  • Germ-resistant: Germs, bacteria and mould have a hard time on polystyrene, they just don`t go into it!
  • Clean hive bodies every 5 years with Soda ash base (and for disinfection after foulbrood)
  • Almost no handling disadvantages to wood, but many advantages


Available in:

  • Deep Supers (brood)
  • Medium Supers (honey)
  • Shallow Supers
  • Bottom board with metal screen for good ventilation
  • Hive cover (no inner hive cover needed)
  • Topfeeder (15 l)


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